Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Handy Throat Remedies for Singers

I've just come out of a nasty bout with the flu. It put me out of action for two days in a row. Can you imagine that? I had to cancel all my classes for TWO days! Unheard of. Never thought this could happen to me (not with all the stuff I know about keeping the flu at bay). But anyway, I did beat the flu in the end, without a single dose of medication. In this blog post I just want to list a couple of handy flu and throat remedies that I use myself.

Fresh ground ginger always does the trick. When you've got a soar throat, take fresh ginger the size of your thumbnail, peal it, and then crush it. Throw it into a cup, ad a teaspoon of honey, a teabag (and milk if you want), hot water and drink up! Here's another great remedy that works every time. 1000 mg of effervescent Vitamin C. Drop one of those into a glass of water and drink up. When you're undergoing a flu attack like I recently did, I'd pop three of those down my gullet during the course of the day. And hey, it works! Hope this helps, you guys.

Thanks for dropping by, as always!

Tony Joett

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