Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mariah Carey’s New Year's Eve Time Square Lip Synching Disaster

It’s all over the internet today with headlines that read “Mariah Carey closes 2016 with disastrous NYE performance”; and one that goes “Red-faced Mariah Carey storms off stage after New Year’s Eve show glitch.” And here’s a rather drastic headline “Mariah Carey bungles her New Year's Eve show, stops singing."

But what REALLY happened here? Mariah was booked for a three-song performance of Emotions, We Belong Together and Auld Lang Syne at Times Square New Year’s Celebration, but she stormed off the stage after her second number.

It has been reported that Mariah barely moved her lips during a disastrous performance of “We Belong Together” and after the second song “Emotions” she walked off the stage completely. Let me tell you what I think really happened here.

I’ve analyzed videos of Mariah Carey performing the two songs and here’s my quick review: Her rendition of the song “We Belong Together” was a complete lip synch job, and it appears she couldn't even be bothered to lip synch anyway—for the most part. How hard is it to hear your own voice over the speakers Ms Carey? If the ear monitors aren’t working, pull them out! In any case, she had intended to lip synch so it really didn’t matter.

With the song “Emotion” someone put on the backing track instead of the vocal track. So she couldn't sing—for reasons best known to her. She’d intended to lip synch this one too by the looks of it, that’s the problem. But what I noticed on the backing track, surprisingly, is that her dizzy high notes on Emotion 'on the backing track' ARE prerecorded. Which means, when she DOES sing to the backing track her high notes on this particular song she-does-not-sing-live. Phew!

And this particular line from Mariah I find quite hilarious. “I’m just going to let the audience sing. We didn't have a sound check for this New Year's baby, it is what it is.”

The last time I checked, sound checks were done for live performances. But don't get me wrong, we love you Mariah and we always will. Keep doing what you do babe, you’re entertaining us anyways.


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