Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How to Expand Your Range Deep into Your Chest Voice

If you’ve struggled with your range in the lower notes, in that when you’re headed downward your vocal tends to be unable to get there or if at all it does, your tone begins to sound muddy, then you’ll find this article helpful because it will offer a quick solution to your problem. If you want to have crisp lower notes that are well balanced, read my easy step-by-step guide to expanding your range deep into your chest voice.

On many occasions, I’ve had to stop a class just to focus on fixing the lower notes. It is very common for new students, especially, to have a limited range in their lower register. They’d have developed a pattern of singing within a very limited range over the years, and so by the time they hit my studio for vocal training, my job is to fix their entire range STARTING with the lower notes. Now here’s the general idea as regards correcting and re-balancing the lower range.

In order to balance your bottom, middle and upper harmonics, you need to get to the reason behind the problem. If your lower range is not properly balanced, your upper range won’t be either. It’s like trying to build a house without the foundation. Your house will likely crumble and collapse now, wouldn’t it? And likewise, if the voice on the lower end of your range is not fitting, then you’d be scaling your way up the ranges but somewhat dislocated or unhinged, simply because you don’t have that straight line developed from your chest to your head voice. So let me show you how I would realign your vocal.

I don’t expect you to do this on your own. I only want to explain how we do this, and then you may pick up an exercise right here. We begin running a scale from a universally comfortable range for both male and female, and then we roll it down south to the lower range in small increments. Once the first round is completed, we repeat the exercise again for as long as it takes. You’ll know when your lower note has been corrected because it will sound more crisp and easy to hit. To download a free mp3 to Expand Your Range Deep into Your Chest Voice Click Here!

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