Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boogie Explores the Origins Of Disco and WHY It Still Rocks

On today’s show: We’re going to be looking back at the origins of disco with some early 70s classics (watch out for Manu Dibango); some late 70s disco (watch out for Diana Ross); and then we’ll head over to the 80s with a selection 80s Movie Hits—yes, you heard that right. For the first time ever on Boogie—I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while—I’m going to play music from the hit movies of the 80s. And look out for a quiz coming up on the Nu Disco segment of the show where I’ll be asking you to tell me who the original artists of some reworked disco tracks were. Simply SMS your views to 0715 364 045. It’s that simple. So stick around for that. And last but not least, my guest on the show today is Caroline Uliwa—a correspondent from The Citizen newspaper who will be interviewing ME on the show actually. She wants to know WHY music from yesteryear has stood the test of time?

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