Sunday, March 18, 2012

Exclusive Donna Summer Interview Airs On Boogie

There's going to be a good measure of 80s disco on the show today, and in the second half of the program I'll take you back to the 70s with the Queen Of Disco Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" followed by a Donna Summer interview that took place in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. What I like about this interview is that in just 15 minutes it covers a pretty broad spectrum as regards her musical career, her family, anecdotes from the past in such fine detail as though it were only yesterday; and you get to sense and feel her magnetic personality. I tell you, this woman wasn't crowned Queen Of Disco for nothing. You will enjoy this interview. I know you will. If you love Donna Summer, this will bring you closer to her. And after the interview, I'll play you "Last Dance" that Oscar winning Donna Summer classic from the movie Thank God It's Friday .

Once again, there's a heck of a lot to go through today. It will be hectic...I think I need to publish a Boogie Behind The Scenes on this blog, what do you say? You have no idea what I go through. It can be an interesting read. Tune in to Times 100.5 FM at 6pm TODAY or Listen live on stream at:

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  1. She is hot, play for me her song "She works hard for the money

    My name is Ally from Magomeni

  2. Hi Joett

    Keep it up, Just an advise to improve your show try to have a session for reminisce where by you can bring a story for one Band/Group or a solo artist


  3. Ally, thanks for the post AND for tuning in. On today's show I will be extensively featuring the band Heatwave. And A Taste Of Donna Summer is coming to Boogie SOON.