Saturday, October 1, 2011

TIKISA Salsa at Nyumbani Lounge in Dar es salaam

TIKISA  dancers showcased their first public performance at Nyumbani Lounge (Lady JD's joint), Namanga, on Thursday 29th September...a few hours after we'd shot the 6th episode of TIKISA coming to your TV screens tonight at 10.20pm. Hopefully, we will have more PAs from these guys in the near future. Sauda, myself and one of their choreographers Bud Spencer, attended the small event. We're proud of the kids. They're doing really well. What a journey. What a transformation. I can see a bright future for these guys.

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  1. hello...i'm giuseppe and i love dance salsa..i stay in dar at 11-14 march possible i know where is dance salsa in dar? conctact me.... tanck you so much giuseppe