Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Need Professional Help with Vocal Production in Recording Studio?

I’ve had half a dozen calls and inquiries for voice training today, but this ONE caller who asked if I could assist with their songwriting and recording project triggered this blog post. Now here's the question. Do you need help with your vocal production in the recording studio? I do help my students all the time. Especially those signed to my record label like boy band Level One (in picture) and 3G before them. But I'm oftentimes asked to help out by people who aren't my students. Let me say this: I'm a very busy man but whenever possible, I'm always more than willing to help--providing you get the voice training prior to your recording session to take you to the next level; and we work on your composition in my voice studio before we even set foot inside a recording studio. Sounds complicated? Well, it isn't. I will explain.

I'm a stickler for high standards and if I'm going to have a hand in your project I'd really want your production to be the best that it CAN be. And with my help to prepare your voice, trust me, your success in delivering the best you possibly can is very much achievable. If that sounds like a challenge you'd like to take on, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to assist you with vocal training AND your recording project.                                                                                                    
For more information please contact me on +255 787 364 045 / +255 715 364 045 

I shall look forward to hearing from you,

Vocal Coach & Author

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