Thursday, September 4, 2014

Discover the Incredible Benefits Of Corporate Voice Training for Business Executives, Telemarketers And Politicians

Mr Moore writes of her delight when her nickname 'The Iron Lady' was coined in 1979 by the Soviet Red Army newspaper Red Star. It was the chance meeting that proved to be a vital turning point in the rise of Britain's most powerful post-war Prime Minister. Prior to the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979, her adviser Gordon Reece was traveling by train from Brighton and bumped into the legendary actor Laurence Olivier.

Mr Reece, a former journalist and television producer, had been tasked with overhauling Mrs Thatcher's dowdy image – and asked Olivier's advice about the problem of her voice, which critics considered too shrill. The actor arranged for her to have lessons with the speech coach at the Royal National Theatre, which helped lower her pitch and develop a calm, authoritative tone. Margaret Thatcher underwent a training programme which included special humming exercises aimed at lowering the pitch level at which she formerly spoke. From tape recordings of speeches made before and after receiving tuition, a marked difference can be very clearly heard. When they are played through an electronic pitch analyzer, it emerges that she achieved a reduction in pitch of 46 Hz, a figure which is almost half the average difference in pitch between male and female voices. Listen to the Margaret Thatcher voice before and after voice training below. You'll be amazed at her transformation.

Such is the POWER of voice training, whether you're a politician, business executive or telemarketer, your number one asset is your voice. If voice lessons worked for Margaret Thatcher, voice lessons can work for you too.

Over the years, in addition to training singers, I have also trained lawyers and corporate executives—the latter groups had one thing in common—they wanted to sound better, more assertive and confident when they spoke. And the feedback from my clients was that people had noticed the difference in their voice. They'd acquired a tone that people actually wanted to listen to. It’s really quite remarkable how your voice can make a world of difference to your persona.

I worked in telemarketing in the UK for a while, where, the first criterion for getting hired is your voice. If you sound good over the phone, you’re hired! And needless to say, trained singers and actors oftentimes landed the job. The reason is obvious. They knew how to use their voice to grab the attention of the person on the other end of the line--because somewhere down the line, they’d been through voice training. Well, in the West if you want to sing or act, the competition is SO stiff, you'll have to get voice training for anybody to take you seriously.

My corporate voice training programs, therefore, are tailored to individual needs. I offer the flexibility of voice training in my studio in Oysterbay... as well as over the phone to clients residing in Dar es salaam; and exclusively via SKYPE for clients based abroad.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for more information.

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