Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Color Me Beautiful by Joett Hits Radio Airplay Rotation in the USA

According to Digital Radio Tracker also known as DRT, a premier radio airplay broadcast monitoring service which tracks radio airplay of songs on more than 5000 plus radio stations worldwide (These stations include Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations); in the past week from July 20th to July 26th 2014, Color Me Beautiful by Joett has been on rotation in the United States, on: KDGR - Dominion Hits Los Angeles, CA. KDOM - DJ Matrixx Tampa, FL. Party 105.2 Greensboro, NC. Power 99 Jamzz Houston, TX. Star 95.7 FM San Francisco, CA. V-100 FM Richmond, VA. and Wild 98 Dallas, TX.

I am delighted and very excited that Color Me Beautiful, in a slow but steady fashion, continues to grow an audience around the world. Thanks to all of you who've given me your support since the release of the single on December 10th 2012. I think this is testament to the fact that a good song CAN grow legs and potentially garner the longevity it deserves. I will keep you posted on developments.

I also want to thank my production team: Max Rioba (Authentic Records, Tanzania), Patrick Jonsson and Toby Warren (Ignition Sound, UK) who've all been an integral part of the creation process of Color Me Beautiful; and Meja (Sean Entertainment/Prime Films, Tanzania) for an absolutely outstanding video production. I couldn't have done it without you guys. Once again, a million thanks. You ROCK!

Thanks for dropping by, catch you in the next blog post!

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