Sunday, October 14, 2012

What's Happening On Boogie Radio Show

 Last Sunday I ran Yowsah Yowsah Yowsah 70s New York Disco. It had been several weeks since I last played disco music from the 70s. We'd had a five week Chaka Khan album series that always included an 80s set in the second half of the show. So yeah, I feel great about revisiting the 70s with a full show dedicated to 70s disco. I also managed to squeeze one Nu Disco track at the very end of the show, which was nice. And that's why I thought, well, I'll dedicate the first hour of the show today to Nu Disco and then give you Boogie You Select Boney M Greatest Hits in the second hour, where you -- the listener, gets to select the playlist for the rest of the show.

We've got a new ad campaign in Business Times this week. The interesting part are the two male models sporting Boogie t-shirts in the ad campaign. Yes, Boogie now has the branded t-shirt, as it should. The plan is to get these in stores soon so you Boogie fans out there can buy yourselves these neat t-shirts with Boogie logo up front, and the boogie tagline in the back.

So catch you guys later, have a great weekend!

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