Thursday, August 5, 2010

Piano and Vocal, Making Music the Old Fashioned Way

I just got back from a recording studio...where I was recording my next single I Could Never Live (Without Your Love). Piano and vocal... it's wonderful to make music the old fashioned way. I've tremendously enjoyed writing and composing this new track with my co-composer Luigi Tamburi -- a remarkably talented and skilled pianist -- it's an honor to be working with you, Luigi! It feels great to be recording again. All wrapped up now. We've nailed it! Next week we're back in the studio to lay down the vocal training module built around the song. After which, all the sound files go to a state-of-the-art recording studio in London for mixing, mastering AND we're getting a couple of dance remixes thrown in for good measure. I quite look forward to that. I'll keep you posted. Gotta catch some sleep now. I am exhausted and I've got a long day tomorrow.

Good night!



  1. Hi there. just discovered your blog. Great news for you! Congratulations!!! That all sounds so exciting. cheers


  2. Ellen, thanks for popping by. I look forward to seeing you folks again. I'll work you through my new song in your next class. It'll be great fun. Cheers!