Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why It Takes Me 12 Weeks to Compose a Song

If you’re working on a song and feel that perhaps you’re taking way too much time to piece it all together, don’t fret. You’re making a piece of history, so it’s got to be perfect if you want your composition to live forever. I know you might be in a bit of a hurry, most artists eager to get a product out to market would be, but wouldn’t it be sad to feel further down the line, that you could’ve done better? This article will look at the importance of taking your time to compose a song.

It takes me on average, twelve two-hour once-a-week songwriting sessions with my acoustic guitarist to complete a song. And that’s just for setting my song to music on the acoustic guitar. And when I take into account the length of time it took to write the lyrics prior to engaging my guitarist, even more so. But why do I go to such great lengths to compose a song? Well, let’s just say I have to be completely satisfied and I really don’t care how long it takes.

Songwriting and composition accounts for your intellectual property, and so you’ll want to ultimately put your very best work onto the public domain. When you listen to music that has been well crafted, it speaks to the soul, and one never really tires of it.

Do you want to know when you’re onto something extraordinary? That’ll be when a few years down the line your composition still sounds fresh… like people will still enjoy listening to it.

How to settle down to give it your very best:

If you’re not composing to a beat, you’ll want to begin by first writing the song complete with melody and full arrangement. When you begin to set your song to music with musicians in session, you’ll find that new ideas will begin to flow into the piece you’re working on. And this is why when you’re song crafting, it is imperative that you allow this to happen. Nothing is ever set in stone—least of all songs. So when you sense an idea coming that will give the song another dimension, give it a try to see how it sounds. And be sure to continue refining your ideas. You’ll be amazed to find how taking your time with this—however long it takes—will help you create something you’re going to be truly proud of. So the next time you’re in a hurry to compose a song, take a step back for a moment. You’ll be glad you did.

Streaming on SoundCloud below is a song written by me "Got U On Mind"; recorded in Los Angeles and performed by American singer Ty Ward. Please enjoy and share!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Color Me Beautiful by Joett: The Reworked "Acoustic Pop" Single Is Released on Mkito.com Today

The 70s disco single Color Me Beautiful by Joett, which debuted in 2012, has had a complete reworking to an acoustic guitar setting that gives it a brand new vibe and direction.

Today (February 28, 2017), it is released as an Acoustic Pop single on Tanzania’s premier music download site Mkito.com.

This new version was recorded at Dar es salaam’s state-of-the-art recording studio, Wanene; where renowned musician Elisha Sukari, who also plays for multiple award-winning Tanzanian megastar Lady Jaydee, plays the acoustic guitar on Color Me Beautiful.

Also featured in Joett’s Vocal Drills in Parts 5, 6 & 7 as part of his latest vocal training modules—also available on Mkito—Color Me Beautiful is now being released by the platform as an acoustic pop single for music lovers to download.

To download Color Me Beautiful by Joett on Mkito click here!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Affordable Vocal Coaching on Skype for Europe and North America

If you have only experienced high vocal coaching fees in Europe and North America, and you’d really like to save an enormous amount of money in tutorial fees, then improving your singing voice for a fraction of the cost needn’t be prohibitive nor a figment of your imagination, because it is perfectly possible to bring prices down significantly when you outsource to a professional vocal coach stationed in a third world country.

This article will aim to get you started with tremendously affordable professional vocal coaching on Skype. You'll be amazed to find just how easy it is to get private tuition and brilliant results with just a simple phone call.

The more you get involved with voice training, the more you’ll want to continue training for as long as it takes. Heck, Michael Jackson trained with one vocal coach for 36 years! But when you’re paying over $60 an hour for the services of a professional vocal coach in Europe and North America, finance becomes one of the reasons why you’ll want to quit training. You’re going to be amazed to find just how affordable and equally effective a similar vocal coaching service using Skype and a tutor offshore can be for you.

For over eight years, I have coached pupils in my studio in Oysterbay… most of whom are expatriates and diplomats living in Tanzania. When their residency terms came to an end, however, many of my clients wanted to stay on the training program because they simply enjoyed singing and the learning process. And that’s how my vocal coaching services for my departed clients gradually moved to an online vocal coaching platform via Skype; and needless to say, my coaching fees remained just as low as they always were when my clients were living in my country of residence.

I wonder if you’ve realized where I’m going with this.

If you want to save a packet on vocal coaching fees, and you’re the kind of person that really likes to sing but price has been a deterrent for you in your country of residence, then you will be delighted to hear that I will offer you my professional vocal coaching services on Skype for only $20 an hour, just as I do with all of my other clients currently relocated to Europe, North America, South Africa and Asia. It’s that simple.

To book your first session, please check out the World Time Zones. My geographical location is Dar es salaam on the East coast of Africa. Once you know the exact time frame you’d like your training sessions to be, simply send me a quick text message via WhatsApp (details in poster) to set-up your first appointment.

Need Corporate Voice Training? 

For those of you interested in corporate voice training, however, please read my article Discover the Incredible Benefits Of Corporate Voice Training for Business Executives, Telemarketers And Politicians.


I take payment via PayPal, and we’ll discuss the details of the training programs when you get in touch with me.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Learn to Sing with Joett On Mkito.com Vol. 7 | Jifunze Kuimba Vol. 7

In my final installment on Mkito.com, released February 14th, I give you Volume 7. With this training module you have the entire song Color Me Beautiful plus the backing track to work with. If you have been training through the entire series 1 to 4 and 5 to 6, you should be able to do this with relative ease and good placement. If you’re not feeling up to scratch yet, then keep working on Vol. 1 to 4, and not forgetting the Breathing Exercise before you begin your training sessions.

Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito.com Volume 7 inaachiwa tarehe 14 Februari, na ndio inakamilisha mazoezi haya. Kama umefanya mazoezi ya Vol. 1 hadi 4 kwa kipindi cha kutosha, sauti yako haki yake iwe imekaa sawa kukuwezesha kufanya Vol. 5 & 6 alafu hatimae Vol. 7 ambayo ni wimbo mzima wa Color Me Beautiful, pamoja na track isiokua na mashairi ili uimbe mwenyewe. Ukihisi sauti bado haija kaa sawa, endelea na mazoezi Vol. 1 – 4 mpaka sauti ikae vizuri. Kumbuka, kabla hujaanza mazoezi, hakikisha unafanya Zoezi La Pumzi.

Joett - Color Me Beautiful [Lyrics]

You make the world a better place
Your love is divine, straight down the line
Take me away from what I know
Onto a better place
There in your arms
Your love is divine, straight down the line

Cos you know that I’m addicted to love
Cos you know that I’m addicted to love
So color me beautiful
Color me blind

The color of love
Is roses and wine
And yours in particular, is so divine
I know your love will never end
It’s gonna be there till the end
You make the world a better place
Your love is divine, straight down the line

Cos you know that I’m addicted to love
Cos you know that I’m addicted to love
So color me beautiful
Color me blind

Cos you know that I’m addicted to love
[Just like the earth needs the rain]
Cos you know that I’m addicted to love
[I’ll never stop needing you]
So color me beautiful
[Yes you’re invisible, One of a kind]
Color me blind
[But sure I can feel your tender touch]

Muongozo wa Mazoezi

• Download Mazoezi Mkito.com
• Weka kwenye CD au Flash Disk
• Tumia chombo cha muziki cha kupigia CD/Flash au kama unatumia simu yako ya mkononi, hakikisha unaunganisha na speaker kupata sauti kubwa kulingana na sauti yako ukiimba.
• Fanya mazoezi ndani ya chumba na sio kwenye maeneo ya wazi, wala sio kwa kutumia simu yako ya mkononi na headset zake masikioni.

Na vile vile unaweza kupata maelekezo zaidi kwa kubofya nakala kadhaa nilizo andika hapa chini. Ukiwa na maswali, tafadhali jisikie huru kuniuliza. Ni muhimu sana kuelewa, na sio kufanya vitu kwa hisia bila muongozo panapo stahili. Tafuta ushauri!

Jifunze Kuimba: Umuhimu wa Kuelewa Madhumuni Ya Mazoezi
Jifunze Kuimba: Tatizo La Pumzi na Jinsi Ya Kulitatua
Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito.com Vol. 1: Madhumuni ya Lip Rolls
Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito.com: Vocal Drills Volume 2
Volume 1, 2 & 3 Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito.com
Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito.com: Vocal Drills Volume 4
Jifunze Kuimba na Joett Mkito.com Vol. 5

Wewe ndie chombo halisi, jifunze kuimba kama pro! Nawatakia mafanikio mema!

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Joett Music Joins Nutritional Supplements Brand GNLD, to Optimize Vocal Health and Vitality for Singers

If you have been wondering how to maintain a healthy voice and weren't making any headway, then you will be pleased to learn that the conundrum is now completely over. 

People have always wanted from me, information on what to do and what to take to preserve the voice, and I’m obliged to share what I use myself to maintain a healthy voice—gladly, but because all of my nutritional products were shipped in from the United States every month directly, it was not always easy to recommend the products that I use because they’re actually not available in the country. And so I tried to switch brands little by little, with a product line that is manufactured in the USA but is available in Tanzania.

So, for a couple of years now, I have slowly replaced my imported products with locally available GNLD and I have to say, I’m totally pleased and satisfied with these products. So much so that I have now signed up with the nutritionals brand as a distributor, and I’m well on my way to recommending these fabulous products to all the singers in Tanzania and across Africa.

The more you value your vocal health, the more you’ll want to preserve your voice. You’re going to be surprised to discover that it takes more than just staying well away from freezing cold drinks; staying away from cigarette smoke and drug abuse; getting lots of much needed rest; and excluding chilies from your diet to maintain a healthy voice. With nutritional supplements from GNLD, you have the most effective vocal health supplements on the planet.

Some high profile music industry professionals say that until you’ve experienced the beauty of optimal vocal health, you’ll have absolutely no idea what your body is missing out on. Like I said earlier, I have used nutritional supplements for overall health and vitality for many many years and personally, I simply couldn’t live without them.

I wonder if you’ve noticed how some celebrities of this world continue to look fresh and beautiful year on year, completely defying the hands of time. Well, I’ll tell you this for nothing, they give their bodies the best cellular nutrition money can buy—with supplementation. That is their secret to longevity, and it can be yours too.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to maintain a healthy voice for years to come; and to look fresh and youthful for as long as you possibly can, then this will be exactly what you’re looking for. I not only endorse the GNLD nutritional products, I highly recommend them!

GNLD Nutritional Products are now available at Joett Voice studio, Oysterbay.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Developing the Discipline for Vocal Training is Key to Your Success

There is a small concern about the lack of discipline amongst many a wannabe singer. If you want to become a great singer, you need to be organized with your training regime. It breaks my heart to see people running to the recording studio to cut a record when they’re actually not ready for it. It is imperative that you aim to be the very best you can be. Take pride in your work. It will speak volumes about you and as a result, when you go that extra mile, you’ll deliver a product you can be proud of. This article will explore the challenges a lot of people face and it will help you with ‘planning’ in order to achieve your goals.

Training the voice and keeping it trained and revved up is where most fail. In all honesty, it is so easy to stay on top of this. I want to show you how to set your mindset for the challenge. It really is quite simple when you put your mind to it.

First, you must begin by allotting a day and time to do your voice training. If you’re working with a vocal coach, make sure your training days are set on a weekly schedule, and whatever you do don’t miss your vocal training slots. If you’re training from home with the help of prerecorded tapes, then you will need to be even more vigilant in order to stay on track. The habit to train regularly will begin to grow on you over time and eventually, you’ll come to realize that you simply can’t do without it—because you’re now aware of the benefits and you’re enjoying the experience. Trust me… this is where you’ll want to be.

People ask a lot of questions about vocal training and listen to a lot of word-on-the-street. And it’s alright to want to know about a lot of stuff, but in my experience when you focus more on being a doer you’ll get bigger and better results. Like I said, ask the questions but don’t make it the only thing you do. Get with the program. Let your God given organ—the voice—do the work in training to yield the results that you want. So, if you want to become successful with training your voice, discipline is far more important than anything else.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

A Glimpse at the Extraordinary Vocal Range & Profile Of Celine Dion

I love Celine Dion. I think she has an amazing voice and a lot of the new generation of singers will have Celine Dion to thank for influencing their musical direction. In this article I want to go over a couple of interesting facts on the extraordinary vocal range and profile of Celine Dion.

First of all, her vocal range, according to avid critics of music is Bb2 - C6 - E6; and her longest note is an astounding 15 Seconds. Her vocal type on the other hand is lyric soprano 3 octaves 3 Notes.

Her vocal positives are deeply enshrined in resonant belts, which she is able to hold for long periods of time, without the slightest wavering in pitch. The sharpness of her vocal in this particular register allows for her voice to pierce through the heaviest instrumentation. In actual fact, Celine projects her voice in all registers, and maintains vocal agility throughout each octave.

Looking closely at her lower notes, you’ll find that they are generally well supported down to D3, with the mid-range sometimes carrying a rasp, but all in all it is soft and makes lyrical lines with ease, and her mid-range transitions into the belting register with remarkable ease. Celine Dion’s head voice carries an operatic ring to it, which is rather refreshing for a genre transcendent pop diva.

I personally wouldn’t publish vocal negatives of Celine Dion. I think she is one to emulate, however, some critics of music have had a thing or two to say about her negatives and they are as follows.

The nasally quality to Celine's voicethey say, is an acquired taste, though this quality isn't one of bad technique however, as singers in Quebec place their voices in the nasal cavity. Well then, I suppose that’s understandable.

Another comment goes, “though Celine manages a neutral larynx in the lower part of her range, belts around Eb5 and higher are hit by raising the larynx, which gives the voice a throaty and coarse quality”. They also go on to say that her mixing is also uneven from about A5-C6, making the belts thin and heady. That being said, they go on to acknowledge that it is remarkable at all that she can mix at all that high, and conclude that her notes below D3 become very breathy, while intonation and register transitions as a whole are inconsistent.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this analysis on Celine Dion’s voice. I’d like to leave you with some recommended tracks to listen to: All By Myself, I Surrender (Live in Las Vegas), My Heart Will Go On.