Friday, March 8, 2013

Down Memory Lane: A Closer Look At TIKISA In Pictures

Going down memory lane with these backstage photos from TIKISA Season 2. This is the lovely and extremely talented Helen Mangare from TIKISA Series 1, who has now joined our team of choreographers for Season 2.  And my gosh she lost so much weight on Season 1, and what's truly amazing is that she's kept it off into Season 2. The quickest way to lose lots of weight in no time at all is to DANCE DANCE DANCE!

I was running dance-into-shape classes at Nanasi studios at the time (during Season 1) and boy oh boy did I lose weight! What I'm seriously considering doing next is to create a dance-into-shape video. I'm sure that'll go down pretty well. The more fun it is to get into shape the better, I say.

And now take a look at the boys below. They all worked really hard to bring you some of the BEST entertainment on television ever.

Dancers Abeid (right) and Daniel (below right) took these pictures with me backstage. Talented kids. Daniel won the competition in the end. He is SO talented, it's unbelievable. He deserved to win. I'm sure he'll be joining our team of choreographers in Season 3. Coming up next (see below left): some of the lovely girls who lit up our television screens as they danced away to the Salsa, Rumba, Chacha, Mirenge, Tango. Standing far left is Daniel (Helen Mangare's dancing partner) from Season 1--who is also on the choreography team in Season 2; with Rehema, Suleiya and Gloria (far right).

And to my right, a picture of me and the dashing Brighton who after a wobbly start in Episode 1 seemed to give everybody a run for their money to emerge the 3rd winner with his dancing partner... the gorgeous Faiza.

(Left) Work work work. In a meeting with fellow judges Sauda Simba and Ali Baucha sat opposite me, and management discussing the finer details of the show--well what you don't get to see on telly LOL. And below, me on the judge panel with head choreographer Ian looking on.

We had so much fun on TIKISA. The entire team was great, the dancers were great. And yes, the audience in the auditorium who religiously attended each shoot WERE amazing. We couldn't have done it without them. And as for YOU viewers out there, you keep us motivated. Your love and support is immeasurable. Quite literally. Thank you so much. Hope to see you all next season!


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