Saturday, February 16, 2013

Letters from a Vocal Coach: How to Overcome Your Fears

Yes, this happens a lot. Perhaps you're not too sure of what you're doing and kind of get derailed with your singing (I'm talking recording session and rehearsals here), how on earth do you overcome that? There are a couple of things you'd want to pay attention to.

1. Are you abrupt in your delivery of notes?

2. Are you panicky?
3. Are you unsure as to where to come in?

SOLUTION: Pay particular attention to listening. I'll say this again, listen and listen well. Your voice should blend in with the music and flow with it. And here's a great way to get it right. In-between notes there are always gaps to BREATHE. Use those gaps to do just that. Cos you see, when you're idle you'll think "well, what do I do now?...I'll just sing!" And then your timing goes off and you begin to race with the track, albeit breathlessly. So here's the secret: when you breathe, not only do you get to stabilize your voice, you'll feel better, more confident and more balanced... and your voice, instead of falling apart and sounding rushed and unprofessional, will actually sound better and more controlled. And what's more, when you breathe you're also filling those little gaps where you'd otherwise be idle and singing before you should BECAUSE of that. So the next time you're getting your notes in a twist, read this article!

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You are the instrument, learn to sing like a pro!

Vocal Coach
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