Sunday, November 25, 2012

Color Me Beautiful: The New High Energy Disco Single from Joett

If ever I was REALLY excited about a new release, I think this would probably be it! I just love the look and feel of this one. I wrote the song almost two years ago and continued to improve on it up until the time I recorded the vocals in September 2012. What a long-winded journey this has been. A shout goes out to Max Rioba who recorded my voice at Authentic Records, Dar; and to Patrick Jonsson who produced, mixed and mastered the disco track at Ignition Sound, London, UK. You guys have been awesome. Patrick, always a pleasure working with you. Max, I hope this will be the beginning of many more projects to come.

Color Me Beautiful is probably the highlight of my recording career, if I'm honest. I can't see myself topping this (but you never know). It has everything I envisaged. Everything I ever wanted in a track. And paradoxically, suffice to say, rock meets disco quite aptly describes Color Me Beautiful. The vibe in that context is so very powerful. The single goes on CD and digital release with B Side nu disco track (labeled bongo disco) Girls Girls Girls on December 10th 2012.

Girls Girls Girls is particularly interesting, because I'd actually penned it for a boy band I was creating. But since that kind of fell through, I decided to record it myself. I had five boys in the original line-up and ended up with one. Reason? Well, they didn't quite cut the mustard in training. I now plan to regroup for 2013; audition a few boys for the part; and ultimately form the boy band whom, possibly, their debut single will be Girls Girls Girls. I'll play it by ear on this one and see what pans out.

Have a listen to the track on youtube, and watch out for the all-out-dance music video coming soon.

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